In this section we want to describe Stresa through the words of people who have a special relationship, for different reasons, with Stresa.
This will not be a didactic description of Stresa, but a personal vision, where feelings, memories, emotions, experiences convert a tale into a true story.
We have selected few special person, that, in our opinion, have a strong relationship with Stresa. Their bond with this place can be historical, professional, familiar or simply sentimental.
We did not mind their social class, nor their profession.

Their link to Stresa will be revealed by a short profile, equipped by a picture, before the interview.
Six short questions. The same for everybody. In order to allow, for each of our contributors, to retrace a personal portrait of Stresa and draw the relationship they have with this place.




Elisa Ferrari Frua, owner of the historical mansion Villa Frua, glamorous location on Lake Maggiore, beloved by famous fashion designers, movie directors and artists for its unique refinement, is the sparkle behind the most elegant and exclusive parties in Stresa, since she decided to turn her family mansion into a one-of-a-kind hangout.


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Prince Vitaliano Borromeo, heir of one of the more important families of Italian history, modernly manage a important private museum pole, but also a priceless cultural heritage. He is the living image of the perfect match between tradition’s awareness and contemporary pragmatism.


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Francesco Papurello begins his career in real estate in Milan, in 1897. Four years after he moves to Stresa, where he opens a office, that specializes in luxury properties. In 1992 he strengthens important and still going on relationships with banks, insurance companies and assets, as a result of his entrance at the Milan Real Estate Stock Exchange.


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Joe DIverio has played everywhere in the world, from France to Lebanon, where he also stood on top of the charts, with his LP “Lebanon’80”, but still, his bond with Lake Maggiore, where he was raised ( but nor born) stand still. The demonstration is the song he dedicated to Lake Maggiore “Ti amo mio lago”.


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Gianfranco Giustina takes care of the Borromeo’s Properties Gardens since 2006.
His huge competences, his innovative style and never ending researches have brought the Borromeo’s island into the exclusive network of the Royal Horticular Society, who also awarded him, in 2014, with the top-rated RHS Veitch Memorial Medal.


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Passion. This is Francesco Luoni in one word. He is the Executive Chef of Borromeo’s Properties and Family, and he takes care of every detail of every structure he look after, mixing respect for tradition with a constant research for perfection.


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