Mr. Giovanni Castelli, former fashion designer, converted to perfumery world, whose aesthetic sense of beauty is now devoted to Acqua di Stresa’s artistic direction and marketing strategies. Mr. Andrea Patrucco, after important experiences in fashion and comunication field, taking care of commercial and administrative questions. His mental clarity compensate for the creative impetus of his commercial partner.

Their long lasting joint venture draws from difference of personality and unity of purpose all its strength and force.
They work with synergy together since ten years,both constantly engaged in spreading out their creations.
Their enthusiasm is very well known and appreciated by their faithful and fond customers.

Acqua di Stresa was born in 2002, from a idea of Giovanni Castelli, and with the effective collaboration of Andrea Patrucco. They wanted to share the spell of the scent of the thousand blossomings of Castello di Ripa’s garden, the prestigious dwelling of one of them, standing on the lake’s shores, facing the Borromeo’s Islands. The first fragrances were inspired by the traditional yet rare flora of their garden. Then the proposal took a more international and sophisticated flair, following the up-growing quality of the brand’s public, more and more international and demanding.
Acqua di Stresa in now a collection of elegant and original scents, that speaks of the heavenly corner that has inspired them: Stresa.

In all these years, many celebrities, from all around the world, have demonstrated their affection to the brand, becoming faithful clients. Acqua di Stresa products are now a must-have for all refined visitors of Lake Maggiore, and from aficionados from all around the world.
After more than 15 years, and a careful re-styling, Acqua di Stresa now stands out for quality, luxury and proudly represent Made in Italy in the more prestigious doors of all five continents.
Our commercial partners, for all part of commercialization, from scent’s creation till distribution, all leader compamies of the sector, guarantee for the highst standard of quality and law’s compliance.